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What is technology and why is it so important?

By technology we must understand everything that comes from combining science with technology and that should generate a development that allows us to advance in some subject always seeking to solve a problem or the needs of the human being. BUT leaving aside the boring definition, technology is simply everything that allows us to ADVANCE, which makes us grow and evolve, which makes life easier, simpler and much better.

People mistakenly think that technology is only the cell phones, computers and applications, but there are many more behind, such as the changes that occurred in the way we communicate, Letters, phones, email, mobile phones, messaging snapshot. The means of transport, the way in which music is reproduced, the taking of personal and medical images, how surgeries are performed, the machinery within the industry, in short, a number of things that signify technology and that totally affect our lives.

All this becomes much more striking when we understand that technology does not advance at our own pace, it is not linear, but on the contrary advances exponentially as we can see in our image, it is increasingly easier and faster to transmit information and this is stored in greater quantity and in smaller spaces, what is produced in the Internet and what is generated in this is unlimited, to this we have come to create or do anything we simply imagine because we know the technique to develop it and today we all have the tools.

Why then do we need technology? Because it generates progress, advances, improvements in the quality of life of the human being, generates development in different fields, for example: the life expectancy of a person a few decades ago was to reach 60 today with medical advances , electronic, product innovation and services a person arrives healthy up to 90 or 100 years. The cost of basic services decreases, they invent new ways of producing energy, generating it and delivering it without much work, generally we need ideas to keep improving.


Another important point is to make industries and companies work with technology, innovate in their products and services and thus provide better solutions to users, their customers, that is to say, it is useful to have so much technology, as users we can decide if we want to use it and if it serves us for something, but as entrepreneurs, as companies we have an obligation to society and is to give them whenever we can better things, we have to seek and be oriented to improve the quality of life of Man . This is why it is important that we enter into the digital world we live in today, that we become part of it, because society and the world are in it, and once we are part of this world, we offer something new, something unique, something better for others.


It means information technology and communications, those that allow us to manage the information and that are handled easily, among this we find the cell phones, computers, applications, internet, but the important thing is that they serve to learn, transmit, inform and stay informed, connect with the world, and of course is an exponential technology. Something that we must take advantage of, we are connected with the world.

Finally and finally to remember that the important thing about technology is that we can understand it, that we follow the pace. Do not forget that the world lives in shortage but the technology if it is known and takes advantage of the moment the opportunity comes, generates abundance.

Now my final question is, do you have any idea that can improve the world, contribute to technology, will take advantage of the opportunity that is being offered?

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